Kingfisher Bay Eco Resort is a fully - integrated, large scale ecotourism resort which opened in 1992 setting bench marks in ecotourism which have been used by ecotourism ventures worldwide.

The resort is designed to give people an enjoyable nature based tourism experience on Fraser Island while creating minimal impact on the environment.

Kingfisher Bay provides a world class base from which to explore Fraser Island.  The resort overlooks the calm waters  of the Great Sandy Strait and provides a base for boating, fishing and swimming.

World Heritage listed Fraser Island stretches for 123 kilometres and features beautiful fresh water lakes, lush rainforests, spectacular cliffs of coloured sands, rare ferns, sandblows, endless beaches, shipwrecks, wildflowers and abundant wildlife.

Interpretive expert rangers take guests to explore Fraser Island's significant natural and geological features and interesting Aboriginal and European histories.  They provide information and an environmental ethic on guided walks, 4WD coach tours and marine cruises.

The resort's own grounds provide the basis of ranger guided walks. Landscaping mirrors native vegetation and protects the island's gene pool, walkways protect dunal systems.  Self guiding walking trails with interpretive signage and field guides help guests explore.
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Resort Lake
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