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Rare acid frogs, bats and sugar gliders can be spotted at night around the resort lakes.  Bird walks discover some of the 325 of birds recorded on the island.  The bountiful plant life provides bush tucker (bush food) and natural medicines.  A freshwater creek, which runs into the ocean close to the resort, has an excellent mangrove colony.  Dolphins, dugong, humpback and minke whales, turtles, rays and other marine life frequent the island waters.

Activities such as bushtucker talks and tastes, Australian wine tasting, progressive dinners between dining outlets, sunset champagne cruises, fishing clinics, guided fishing trips and guided marine and coach tours give guests an opportunity to experience Australia, learn about the environment and mix and make friends.  Kids have fun learning about the environment with the Junior Eco Ranger program.

The resort's architectural design, infrastructure and activities were developed to minimise any adverse effects to the natural environment, conserve energy and minimise waste.  Resort buildings are below the tree line.  An energy efficiency program incorporates building design, low energy bulbs and room key shut - off systems and saves 855,000 kW hours of electricity per year.

Paper, glass, aluminium, tin and plastics are recycled.  An on site worm farm turns sewage sludge, waste paper and kitchen preparation scraps into compost for a herb garden which supplies the resort kitchens.  Other waste minimisation, green purchasing and green product programs complete the environment program.

The resort supports the local community by recruiting local staff, purchasing local goods and services and sponsoring most local events and charities.

Kingfisher Bay's dedication to environmental tourism has been recognised by recieving 35 Australian and international awards for development, architecture and environmental tourism since opening.

The resort and all tours have been awarded Advanced National Ecotourism Accreditation - eight in all. The resort complies with criteria put forward by the Ecotourism Association of Australia in its definition of ecotourism:

"Ecologically sustainable tourism that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation".
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