Eurong Beach Resort is situated 35 km from the southern tip of Fraser Island, and on the eastern end of the main east / west road across the island from the Fraser Venture ferry landing.  Vehicle ferries operate from Rainbow Beach via Gympie to the southern tip and from River Heads via Maryborough and Hervey Bay.
In the resort's immediate hinterland is the most scenic rainforest on the island.  Central Station Forest Park and Wangoolba Creek with it's crystal clear waters overhanging with palms and ferns.
There too is the world famous circle of the island's unique perched lakes, Mckenzie, Jennings, Birrabeen, Benaroon and Boomanjin, the largest Perched lake in the world.  Each has it's own special atmosphere, dazzling white sand beaches and warm, clear waters.
North along the surf beach from Eurong is Lake Wabby, the islands deepest lake with a huge sandblow dropping sheer into one side of it.
Further north is Eli Creek, which pours a million gallons of freshwater an hour into the Pacific Ocean.  Then there is the Maheno, the wreck of a luxury liner beached in 1935 and The Cathedrals, magnificent cliffs of coloured sands shaped by wind into turrents and spires.
The 75 mile surf beach then leads to three headlands around which the sand has collected over 800,000 years to forming this natural wonderland.

The Fraser Venture vehicle ferry operates from River Heads via Hervey Bay.

The Rainbow Venture operates from Rainbow Beach to the southern tip of Fraser Island.
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Fraser Island lies just off the Queensland coast of Hervey Bay, some 350 km north of Brisbane
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